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Our mission is to create self-care products that extend well beyond just physical well-being but mental and emotional by considering the finer details.


Our vision is to create and build a world where all womxn of all walks of life, can extend and receive the care this world has not given them.


With each and every step, remembering environmental, social and economic impacts to communities we touch and those that we work with.


In all things, do it with love, in all things, remember love. For it is with this love we can extend grace, care, and respect to ourselves and to others.

meet nyesha


It wasn't until my third year of university that I finally recognized how powerful and how wonderful natural methods of healing were. After dabbling into various different natural healing methods and spending years reading and researching the benefits of certain essential oils and adding them to my routine. From adding some to my defuser at night or even rubbing peppermint on my temples when I had a headache, I soon realized just how amazing essential oils can really be. When I started privately practicing and learning how to make soaps and candles, I thought, why not include some beneficial ingredients. After much time of perfecting and researching exactly how to make my recipe most effective, I finally decided I wanted to share it with other people. I figured I stop making this little thought in the back of mind just a thought, but a reality. This business is the birth of something new, and it means sharing something that I love with people that I love, from friends, family and strangers alike.  

As a brand built on creating all-natural products for its consumers, at the forefront of our business, is clean, sustainable, and environmentally conscious products that take into account how supplying, producing, and shipping products impact the environment. Take a look at our sustainability commitment for details on how we practise being conscious as a brand.

Sustainability Commitment

I hope that the love and care I poured into each product is felt with each product you use. 

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