I call her Amaala. 

uh m aa aa l aa

It’s Indian meaning being clean or pure. 

This candle was one that I took my time with. Layer by layer, bringing together scents that make this limited edition candle perfect.

Not your normal candle, this one is 23 oz of pure jasmine, seamoss and bergamot joy with 4 layers that will permeate any room with love. For a little extra appeal, there’s a light ylang ylang infusion on the last layer with extra oils and shea butter that can spice things up if you so choose. 

I personified her because this candle has layers of personality, from gentle and soft to bold and sultry. This candle has been one of my favourites because this one was much more personal. 
Amaala 's name came naturally to me, but when I found out her meaning, I knew that the name was definitely fitting. 
I hope that with each layer, the person that holds this candle finds love, peace, their inner sexy and a whole lot of joy.



     brown sugar 

    proudly made in toronto, ontario canada 

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    my mantra: in all things, do it with love. through all things, remember love.

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