• Bamboo Salad Bowl
  • Comes with Serving Utensils
  • Interior or Exterior Use
  • Comes with Care Instructions
  • Handpicked and refinished with special walnut colour selection

Bamboo Salad Bowl Set

  • Maintenance

    ■To prevent cracking, periodically refresh your products with a light coating of oil such as olive or mineral oil.

    ■Use a soft cloth to apply any oils to the bamboo products

    ■Allow it to soak for an hour before gently wiping off any excess oil


    Do's and Dont's

    ■Do not use in microwave

    ■Avoid really wet foods such as soup

    ■Store in a dry place, where air can easily circulate

    ■Use paper towel as a barrier when stacking

    ■Use lemon juice to assist with cleaning

    ■Use a soft sponge for cleaning