Imagine a sweet, smooth lightly-scented body butter that is not only moisturizing but contains all the ingredients you desire. Infused with essential oils perfect for skin health, this body butter will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple, and soft to the touch. The ingredients are simple and the result is everything you want. Get this in our simple enhanced whipped form with or without a shimmer. With a blended oil mixture, this butter will ensure a smooth and easy application. Benefits: This butter is both moisturizing and hydrating for the skin, perfect for helping with overall skin health. Formulated with research and the simplest of ingredients, this body butter is made with three main benefits in mind: a natural glow, moisture enhancement, and hydration.


We have simplified the selection by going with the most popular scents and butter types that everyone loves. With three main scents to choose from, choose what you enjoy most.


Cottage Country: Sandalwood + Sage


8 oz full bottle with every bottle

Cottage Country Body Créme