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This collection is inspired by the summer we all wished we could have had. From the sand between our toes to the sun beating on our chests, summer could have been so much more. Each collection has been heavily influenced and inspired by the little pieces of my own culture. We have refined our collection to include the products everyone has grown to love. With simple scents, that help us reflect on summer but bask in the beauty of fall, this collection has been carefully curated to include fragrances the are simple, sweet, and sultry.

The next collection includes the following new scents:

The Occasion

Sage, Gardenia and Sweet Orange


Dark Night

Midnight Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender

Green Ocean

Fresh Mint and Ocean Waves


Vanilla Noir and Cappuccino

 brown sugar 

proudly made in toronto, ontario canada 

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my mantra: in all things, do it with love. through all things, remember love.

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